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Escape from Rio: The Adventure

Do you remember the adventures of the blue birds escaping from Rio? It was casual, movie-like experience, one of the best ever flying games, a very popular success loved and played by millions around the world. Now it’s time to give a new adventure, a new official follow-up to followers of the adventures of the blue birds over the jungle – here comes the next, movie-like experience, the next best chapter from the adventures of the blue birds.

This one follows the popular story of escaping. But the jungle, the surroundings and a lot of other things officially changed. This game is not just a simple follow-up, but like a big movie based on a previous movie, an adventure, that bests the first one, it’s another exciting amazonian mission in the jungle flying with a blue bird. And all is in very nice 3D for all casual and hardcore players too!

For popular demand we incorporated some new elements, it’s for the best of all of the players around. And again we can only dream, that one day something makes a movie about the 3D adventures of our blue birds and you’ll get some official merchandise of Escape from Rio in your preferred and popular fast food restaurant.
Some birds are angry, others are not so – our birds just want to follow the famous escape from Rio to the jungle playing with the best of the best: YOU! And please don’t be angry if you don’t succeed at first – it needs more, than 2 tries to escape to the jungle.
Play it casually or not, enjoy the beautiful 3D world of the game, even being fan of other games, like Angry Birds or Flappy Birds we officially invite you to enjoy or 2nd take on our best and popular movie-like experience escaping a Blue Bird from Rio.

This is the 2nd escape but beware – always there is a space and time for another game, for another official follow-up. But first escape with this one – at least 2 times!

– Casual, innovative action for everyone with easy control system
– Beautiful, detailed, cute 3D cartoonish graphics!
– Diverse challenges – trees, other birds, traps…
– Numerous interesting environments – Jungle, Ruins…
– A flying game with alternate control methods
– Google Play Leaderboards, Achievements included
– 5 different areas where your bird can level up
– Different skins and upgrades!
– Collectible coins, bonuses and different types of power-ups!
– Story Levels (15 in total), fun levels and almost endless ultimate challenge

Escape from Rio: The Adventure