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Fun Steps – Cartoon


Fun Steps: cartoon

Cartoon-like funny and distracting voices are making people laugh – especially if you do them with your Fun Steps – Cartoon, that  makes your childhood wishes true: “Why I can’t walk, like the frog?”, “I want to sound with funny voices, like the character in the movie!”. Of course, these are just few examples of some simple childhood dreams relationed with cartoons.

Let’s read the letter from a fan of Fun Steps – Cartoon:

“Hello! I’m Johnny, 10 years old, from a small town, full of fleas, frogs, people farting, using horns and xylophones. I’m they leader! I was the first to buy Fun Steps – Cartoon, and the mania was contagiuos! Everybody started to play and act, like a frog, or a flea. Farting was an old tradition in our town, but now everybody can do it anywhere! I simply love Fun Steps – Cartoon, since I’m the best in xylophoning, horning, fleaing, frogging and of course farting! Surprise your friends you too!


Johnny “Fartinghorningfleaing” Maddoc”

Xilophone Fun

Xilophone is a basic musical instrument, often played by children. Basically it’s a one octave wide instrument without half-notes: very much easy to play with a stick and some colorful imagination. For the simplest children rhymes and songs a xilophone is optimal – it contains the range of sounds that are necessary for those simple, but beautiful songs.

Fun Steps: Cartoon uses this instrument as having and causing fun – it puts the player on the position of walking on a xilophone, or to stpe sounding, like a xilophone.  Even in reality a Xilophone is a small instrument, the walking user can make it big and hearable to a lot of people. And of course using the Xilophone as sound source is a lot of melodic fun!

Funny Frog

Remember all those frogs from your favourite cartonns jumping around with a strange “boing”-like sound? If you remember it was poure fun to see and hear tham to do that, so now it’s your turn to convert yourself into a frog. You, with all your human size and weight can act now as a cartoon frog. You’ll not jump as high, you’ll not leap as a frog, but you’ll sound exactly, like a small, green creature. Imagina yourself marching in the street and for all your steps emitting a “boing” sound – cute isn’t it?

Fun with a Horn

Clown. You know what they are? Very funny people, with strange hats and potato-noises making people to smile and laugh! The love to use horns. In a lot of clown-acts horns are on the floor, so they can be stepped on and – of course – are giving a lot of fun and enjoyment to spectators and clowns as well. You can yourself convert now into a clown without wearing any clown outfits, but using the horns, as primary sources os walking clowny fun.

Let your inner clown to get out and having fun with those horns!

Flea of fun

 Fleas – one of them is a famous bass player, other are annyoing little creatures. You want to be either of them? Try the little creature jumping around. No, don’t jump – just pretend it with all funny cartoonish funny jumping voices of a flea. And beware – most of the people doesn’t like fleas, so it’s up to you make yourself loveable even in your new walking form!



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