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Jokes – Kid Voices, the first Jokes product is out


Pocket Scientists proudly present the first of it’s Jokes series, called Jokes – Kid Voices. This series is based on a simple principle: with some cute noises the app calls the attention of the children, and then to show them some very nice animals and objects for fun. Extra fun if we hide the mobile device, and the kid must find it – then it’s a form os a small hide and seek.  Even not guaranteed, but it can work as a stopper in case of self inflicted hysteria as well.


– Different settings, as in a children’s book
– Decoys for obtaining the attention of the little “victim” – in other words to get the attention of the children.
– Not scary, but cute
– Accessible for the whole family
– Unforgettable Experience

Jokes – Kid Voices can be found in mayor App shops for free and it has 3 in application purchasable expansion. First is based on well known Farm Animals, second covers some sounds of nature, called Nature Calls. Third is about some “everyday experiences” sounds from our neighbourhood, called Trainyard in the Neighbourhood.  This new settings can significantly expand the fun with Jokes – Kid Voices. 

Jokes – Kid voices can be downloaded from the following shops: