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My First Letters – we help your kid to learn to write in a fun way.

We have released Rescue Me – The Lost World only a week ago, but our next game is already here! But My First Letters is not just another game – it’s an innovative education app that teaches kids writing by playing!

Progressing through the game’s 66 levels – containing all uppercase and lowercase letters, – children learn how to write letters without even noticing it. Aimed at preschoolers and first graders, the cartoonish graphics and casual gameplay of My First Letter are designed from scratch to appeal kids. But don’t let the cute visuals fool you – My First Letters is a top-notch edutainment app, developed with the help of university professionals to supplement both home schooling and school education.

Hand it over to your kid today and he will write his first letters before you know it!

My First Letters on Google Play
My First Letters - The Writing Game on iTunes My First Letters on Amazon