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New Story for Our World’s End Wallpaper

Originally our High Quality Wallpaper was intended to commemorate the End of the World event on december 21st of 2012, but a miracle happened. The Live Wallpaper got a new life and huge following even weeks after the mayan event, so we decided to write a short story for it:

Our World’s End – The Story

2117, Earth. Scientists discover, that a huge planetoid is on collision course with Earth. Humanity tries to derail the planetoid to avoid Earth’s devastation. The efforts are working, when some astronauts discover the traces of an alien technology on the surface of the planetoid. And then the story turns to a real sci-fi one: for every of Earth’s efforts the planetoid responds with a course-correction and the huge meteor is still on collision course with Earth.

An Alien race, called whisklogs arrives and offers help to rescue the values and most important personnel of humanity in their huge ships – they state, that they are not able to save everyone, only the best and the most valuable. The Earth is in panic, as the whisklogs get humanity’s spaceships, valuables and hundreds of thousands of most intelligent men – they want to save humanity from the catastrophe. Millions and millions stay on Earth waiting for the collision and for the certain death…

The meteor is about to explode when some scientists, who has been left discover, that the huge meteor is a remote controlled Whisklog spaceship carved inside a planetoid. They decide to launch humanity’s last remaining spaceship, that is conserved in an excellent state in a museum. Time is running out, when they trying to start the ancient spaceship – meanwhile chaos and destruction rules on Earth. Will humanity get the message of the dying, of the people left? There is still time to send a message to the survivors before the impact? And what will happen, if the dark secret is uncovered? So many questions…