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Sensor Tower – the keyword optimization tool.

Dear fellow developers,

One of our regular marketing/development assets, App Store Rankings have been recently upgraded with new features and renamed Sensor Tower. We thought it is an excellent opportunity to recommend you this tool.

It’s hard to introduce Sensor Tower in one phrase because it does a lot of different things. Perhaps most importantly it helps you to optimize keywords for your app so that your wannabe users can find it more easily. You can cook up new keywords yourself and then test how much traffic they draw, or you can ask Sensor Tower to recommend new ones for you. You can even “spy” keywords from your competitors – if you are not sure who they are, Sensor Tower will compile a list based on similar titles and common keywords. Then you can keep track of the rankings and ratings of these apps just like you do with your own.


Typical Sensor Tower Screen (Click to enlarge)

Before choosing Sensor Tower as our main keyword optimization tool, we have ran a survey on similar sites. And there are quite a few out there – some of them simpler to use, others with more, deeper features. The reason why Sensor Tower came out on top was that it found the balance between offering too little and too much and packing it with an elegant, effective interface. In a way, it’s the Media Player Classic of optimization tools – and when you plan to use something day by day, when you are looking for quick answers to simple questions, it’s probably the wisest choice.

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  1. Thanks, we are glad that it is working for you :)

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