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Chinese New Year Fireworks

Chinese New Year Fireworks


Precalculated virtual space, cameras, explosion patterns, movement tracking, virtual reality, augmented reality – those are not magic words, but common daily methods to deliver some safe and clean fireworks – inside your mobile device. You can enjoy them anywhere, only need to point your camera to a suitable place in the landscape and start the show.

Chinese New Year is very important, traditional chinese holiday. It’s not just only a New Year celebration, but a Spring festival as well, similar to western-style carnevals. And it’s an ideal time for some fireworks!

Experience Chinese New Year Fireworks’ unique technology: augmented reality fireworks, that are exploding in a virtual space, using your mobile device. What it shows you is the common reality, and a new, augmented layer of it, that doesn’t exist in the reality. That virtual part can be only seen thru the camera of your mobile device – either a phone or a tablet.

The result is something unreal: an imaginary fireworks, that only exists in your device, you can see it using your device: it’s colorful, beautiful, virtual light in the sky looking like a modern painting with clouds. And the best of all: Augmented reality fireworks can be paused any time and they are totally safe!

− Chinese design element: authentic lampoons, dragons, shrines etc.
− Augmented Reality – what you see through your mobile device only exists in a virtual space, but it’s interpreted as part of normal world – so you see the fireworks using your phone or tablet.
− Camera for photography – The camera not just only serves to see the surroundings and the Fireworks, but to make photos of the celebration.
− Use of Virtual space. The exploding rockets are firing up to the virtual sky in a pre- defined virtual space, so when you turn your camera, the explosion remains in it’s place in the virtual space and doesn’t turn with you.
− Can be paused. Not as it’s real life counterpart, the Chinese New Year Fireworks can be paused any time