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Jokes – Scare and Share



Long time ago Humankind tend to scare each other. This time we use high quality technology for that. Get a mobile device, use the Scare and Share application, and then the ancient methods are working with the latest technologies. The funniest part of scaring someone is to make a photo of his/her face at the moment, when the joke happened: now the camera of the mobile device helps you with that possibility. And then you can share you phoptos and experiences with popular social media, as FaceBook. So Jokes – Scare and Share is an old “monster” in new “skin” – but the fun is the same!

– Different settings
– Decoys for obtaining the attention of the “victim”
– Scary
– Camera makes photographs of the “victim”
– Unforgettable Experience
– Warning: application is able to disturb people with several health conditions! Consult your Physician before use it on people of those health conditions.

A lot of people around the world thinks, that scaring someone is a form of joke or fun – and yes it is as we see the face of the subject we understand why t’s worth joking with so frightening humor. In the other hand this kind of frightening experience can be dangerous too, so it’s always worth to look at the physical condition of or subject before joking him/here with the Scare and Share app. Adopted elements of horror movies can make this „toy” dangerous as it uses some very old fashined, but still existing methodology to scare and to generate fun.

Beware! Never scare anyone, who’s health condition can be severed with the use of this application.

As the application’s name indicates, it can share the experience to others to think about the fun they missed. When the scary part happens, the application makes a photo of the subject, and that photo will be very funny and sincere After that the photo can be shared by Facebook or e-mail to others to see the effect of our joke. Because joking is fun and even better if there is a camera to record it – for eternity!

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