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Escape from Rio – Blue Birds

Your story is like a movie – a lonely bird somewhere in the big, south-american city feels, that he needs to going back to their roots. The jungle is calling him, even he grown up between humans, but the word of the blood is calling from far-far away from the jungle. The bird breaks free, and escapes from the mega-city. Your task is to guide the blue bird during his adventure, avoiding obstacles and enemies, staying in the air as far as possible to find the heart of jungle that calls him back. And who knows, once it will be the theme of a movie too….


– Casual, innovative action – a flying game with drag-and-drop controls!
– Beautiful, detailed, cute cartoonish graphics!
– Various traps – from deadly lianas to another leather winged, flappy dinos and kamikaze sauruses!
– Different skins and upgrades! You can control a dinosaur or a bird to.
– Collect coins – and purchase cool powerups! Slow down time or become invulnerable!

Escape from RIO - Blue Birds on Google Play
Star Pilot - Save the Sun on iTunes