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Valentine Fireworks

Valentine Fireworks

Augmented reality can be used for a lot of things. Through the camera of a mobile device you can see things, that in reality don’t exist: like virtual fireworks. We put the firework inside your device, all you must to do is to select a suitable landscape to enjoy it.

Valentine Day is a celebration of Romantic Love, mostly on the Western world. It is observed on 14th of February of every day – that is St. Valentine’s day. This day is not a holiday – it’s a working day, but it’s extremely important day between loved ones. An extremely romantic gesture can be to surprise our loved one with an augmented reality fireworks, as one of the most spectacular forms of celebration.

Experience Valentine Fireworks’ unique technology: augmented reality fireworks, that are exploding in a virtual space, using your mobile device. What it shows you is the common reality, and a new, augmented layer of it, that doesn’t exist in the reality. That virtual part can be only seen thru the camera of your mobile device – either a phone or a tablet. The result is something unreal: an imaginary fireworks, that only exists in your device, you can see it using your device: it’s colorful, beautiful, virtual light in the sky looking like a modern painting with clouds. And the best of all: Augmented reality fireworks can be paused any time and they are totally safe!


Augmented Reality – what you see through your mobile device only exists in a virtual space, but it’s interpreted as part of normal world – so you see the fireworks using your phone or tablet.
Camera for photography – The camera not just only serves to see the surroundings and the Fireworks, but to make photos of the celebration.
Use of Virtual space. The exploding rockets are firing up to the virtual sky in a pre-defined virtual space, so when you turn your camera, the explosion remains in it’s place in the virtual space and doesn’t turn with you.
Can be paused. Not as it’s real life counterpart, the Valentine Fireworks can be paused any time.